Kinesio tape

I just realized why I’ve been so cranky this afternoon.  Not only am I sporting my giant arm bandages after my morning therapy to combat lymphedema, but my lymphedema therapist taped my chest up to boot.  So the kinesio tape is ripping the scar tissue off my chest as I type, trying to concentrate on extracting effective management techniques utilized while designing and developing solar system exploration missions … and it’s distracting.

Am very, very tempted to call it a night and go watch tv or something instead.

(never heard of kinesio tape? click the link.  it’s weirdly awesome.)


2 Responses to Kinesio tape

  1. Kristen says:

    You lost me at extracting. lol

  2. upsidebackwards says:

    Owowow! No wonder you’re cranky! You have every right, I would say. Time for a piece of Christmas cake, that solves most problems. Especially if it has marzipan on it. (Any other season, I would recommend chocolate).

    Solar system exploration missions… coooool!

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