Good news!

So.  I don’t mean to tempt fate here, but the tremors in my left hand and arm that set off this whole set of testing are much, much better.  Maybe my PT was right, and a tumor was pressing on a nerve somewhere in there.  A tumor that was removed during last week’s surgery, and a nerve that is now healing and/or back to normal.  That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

Rock and roll!

In other news, today I finish making a few revisions on my latest paper for Space Policy and visit the last few booths of the Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair and then it’s off to the park with the kids.  As long as I rest between efforts, I’m feeling pretty much back to normal!  (You know, if normal has a wicked scar tightly circling her chest.  Bygones.)

Tomorrow I make appointments with some folks for second opinions on the next stage of treatment.  Today, I’m going to grab life by the horns — and don’t be surprised if you see me show up at book club!


25 Responses to Good news!

  1. clifford says:

    Let us all air guitar in unison righteously. Nice.

  2. Joan says:

    Susan, your spirit is INDOMITABLE!

    Thanks for sharing the good news, and have a great day — and future!

    Joan in PA

  3. Wow! It’s amazing how fast you bounce back. What a strong, strong woman you are! Enjoy the beautiful day!

  4. All sounds fantastic!

  5. Fantastic news! That was so fast and it is a thrill to hear it!

  6. Natalie says:

    I am sending positive thoughts and hopes for the full recovery!

  7. Susan K says:

    Wow, I go away for 10 days and look what I miss!! Let us hope that this fantastic news is in fact a harbinger of more and even better fantastic news!

    What a great day to go to the park!!! Enjoy it, but don’t over do it.

  8. Great news! Still thinking of you and hoping for more. Enjoy your day.

  9. kami says:

    wooohooo! Go YOU! SO darn proud of you! 🙂

  10. AnnetteK says:

    That is very good news!

  11. Niksmom says:

    I’m holding on to the positive and hanging on for the ride as you grab life by the horns! WOOT!

  12. Amelie says:

    That sounds great!
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. upsidebackwards says:

    Hooray! Hoping, praying, wishing, willing with all my might that recovery and healing continue apace. Enjoy the ride, and the book club 🙂

  14. Bygones…oh I love a good Ally McBeal reference.

    Have a fantastic day!!! xoxo

  15. Robin Hurwitz says:


  16. Bon says:

    that’s good. that’s very good.

    lots of healing and spring-like thoughts being sent your way.

  17. Lisa says:

    Go Girl Go!!! Hugs!!

  18. Kelley says:

    I love Cliffords comment.

    I am totally air guitaring with the both of you.

  19. JavaMom says:

    So proud of you! And that’s fantastic about the tremors subsiding!


  20. NYFriend says:

    Yea! Fantastic indeed!

    Hope you enjoyed your day today.

  21. Linda Lawrence says:

    Good news is always great news! 🙂

  22. desert says:

    You are such an inspiration. I hope and pray , that after today you are comepletely free and onto the final recovery…

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