Despite my best efforts — and getting out this week for dinner, for a playdate, for a press conference, and for three half-days at the cancer center, I’ve been grounded.

The seroma continues to fill with fluid. if I went to AbSciCon, the Astrobioloy Science Conference, this weekend as planned, by the time I got back I’d have 1/4 to 1/3 lliter — or more — of fluid in my armpit, bruising my skin and straining the stitches to bursting. There’s nothing to do to prevent it; and ERs and surgeons won’t generally drain another surgeon’s patient. So, since I’d rather the stitches NOT burst (since they won’t stitch the area back up because of infection), I’m stuck close to home, close to my cancer center, where they can remove the fluid again on Monday.

(Interesting note — seromas can behave like lymphedema-affected areas. Both swell up in low-pressure conditions like an airplane flight; that’s why you’ll see women who have had mastectomies (and lymphedema) with an arm wrapped in bandages when they fly. I could wrap the seroma too, but there’s no research showing that it would work.)

So, I won’t be giving my workshop or the Women in Planetary Science lunch this week. I will be here, catching up on the chores and making plans for the summer — optimistically, including swim lessons for the kids and a trip for us!

Happy weekend, all!


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  1. Sorry you’ll miss the conference, I’m sure you would have been great. Anyway to give the workshop via Skype or webinar? Surely with all those great scientific minds, someone can devise a workaround?

    Thought of you yesterday at the park – my son was down low in the “climbing tree,” and I thought, Oh, WhyMommy’s son climbed all the way up to the sky.

    And then I thought how cool it was that you’ve taught/let your boys climb to their heart’s content. It’s something to really be proud of.

  2. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Lynn. I want to go climbing trees with you! I’m terribly unreliable now that I’m spending so much time on “procedures,” but when I’m better?

  3. I could go deliver it on your behalf, do you think anyone would notice if I brought Tarot Cards and read them? ; )

  4. Jojo says:

    Sorry you’ll miss your conference. For me, an unexpected week to catch up on chores would have it’s advantadges as well!

  5. Stimey says:

    That’s such a bummer. I’m so sorry you can’t go. Stupid seroma. Enjoy the weekend though!

  6. Oh I’m sorry you won’t be able to go! 😦 It’s hard to argue with a doctor who has a good point though. But it stinks.

  7. carosgram says:

    Tyler Place in Vermont is a great family vacation spot with activities for the kids and grown up time also – they even arrange for your kids to eat supper early and you get a grown up dinner time. Just an idea.

  8. upsidebackwards says:

    What a shame! Like Lynn, my first thought was – perhaps there’s a way you could video-conference the workshop?
    Enjoy the extra time with the boys. I know you always make the best of things 🙂

  9. Niksmom says:

    Damned seroma! I’m sorry you’ll miss the conference; I get that you were really looking forward to presenting, too. Here’s to healing and to enjoying the time with your family.

  10. mucho suckage.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have Skyped in? Probably not enough time to organise it.

  11. Oh, what a bummer, but considering how uncomfortable that sounds, probably best to stick close to home for now.

    We just went to a science store and I thought of you as we walked around. You would have done a much better job of explaining everything to my kids! Also odds are you wouldn’t have electrocuted yourself while demonstrating the static electricity generator. Oops. And ouch.

    Hope you’re thoroughly enjoying the weekend with your boys.

    • Susan says:

      You’re so sweet! But really? It doesn’t matter so much whether you can explain it — the important part is encouraging their interest and their questions, and you DID that!

      And the electrocution? Are you ok?

  12. NYFriend says:

    Oh man, what a bummer! I hope your seroma isn’t too uncomfortable this weekend, and you can still make the most of it. I know how much you love Spring time!

  13. Katie says:

    You will be greatly missed at AbSciCon. I do agree with others that if we could video conference you in would be great. The only thing is they have said that the conference rooms won’t have wifi in them.

  14. Amanda says:

    Hope you take that trip!

  15. deb says:

    Can’t they put in a drain? Just a thought.

  16. Lia says:

    Susan, thanks so much for the link to we give books foundation. I really enjoyed reading the books with my child. He does not grasp the joy of giving just yet, but hope that this will come. Llama, llama red pajama is a favourite and so is snowy day.



  17. I just read all your posts from the past week or so. I am glad you have such a good medical team, even if they make you have serious discussions while in a paper robe.

    My daughter really enjoyed looking at books on the give books site. We have talked a lot about Haiti, so she was very happy to make that her charity.

  18. Anthony says:

    Very sad you cannot go.

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