Your superpower is love

1. I’ve been back to the radiation center and been marked and measured (I can prove it! I have permanent marker all over my chest! With tape so it doesn’t wash off!) for radiation treatments, which will begin Monday,  May 17.  No biggie. I mean, stressful, sure, but I’ve had worse.

2. You CAN get your money back for the tylenol/motrin/zyrtec that was recalled.  Click this link; they’ve added it since I posted about the tylenol and motrin recall earlier in the week.  You’ll need your bottles, of course — which might be difficult if you threw them away as the initial press release seemed to suggest.  (Sigh.)

3. The last couple weeks of concentrating all my time, energy, and love on healing and helping my little boys navigate this tough time appears to be working.  The seroma is no longer a problem.  The infection is starting to clear up.  The cuts are turning to scars.  And my little boys?  One dreamily says, “Mama, me wuv you,” as he turns over to go to sleep in my arms, and the other told me last night, “Mama, know what?” What, my dear one? “Your superpower is love.”

I can’t think of higher praise from a five-year-old boy.

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  1. Stimey says:

    1. Good luck! Let me know if you want any playdates for your munchkins while you do it.

    2. Drat. Thrown away.

    3. This might be the best thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. Darryle says:

    Your superpower is your secret weapon. Love–What a great gift from your kids. Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. Elaine says:

    That is the most awesome superpower ever. And it was identified by possibly the best judge available. Wow!

  4. sutari says:

    How wonderful!! Super power indeed. Thinking of you always, but especially this weekend. I suspect Sunday we’ll be going for fresh strawberries and ice cream at the local berry farm.

  5. *m* says:

    I personally think you have multiple superpowers, but your son nailed the #1. What a fabulous tribute.

  6. Colleen says:

    Okay, Susan. I just have to stop reading you. Every time I do I am 1. blown away by your writing and 2. blown away by YOU and your wonderful family. And I cry. Superb and accurate assessment by a little boy who knows love when he sees and feels it. My.

  7. That is quite possibly one of the cutest things I have ever heard a child say. What makes it even better is I have NO doubt that it is true!

  8. upsidebackwards says:

    Out of the mouths of babes. What astonishingly awesome young men you are raising!
    Best of luck for the treatment, wonderful news about the seroma and infection. I’m sending more hugs and love to augment that superpower of yours 🙂

  9. JessicaAPISS says:

    What Stimey said – on all counts. The kids and I would love a morning playdate with the boys. Or an afternoon one with all three of you. (After you get a nap, because I remember radiation really zaps you. Wait, um, that came out weird.)

    Love you. Your superpower is truly love.

  10. Susan says:

    Now there’s the inspirational phrase to put up on your mirror and by your bed and anywhere else you might see it. That just might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

  11. k8 says:

    Oh, how sweet – you’ll be fine with those sweeties in your corner……your superpower…….made me cry…


  12. magpie says:

    That’s one of the all time great lines.

  13. Oh my god tears just sprang from my eyes when I read that.

    And he’s right. That is your superpower!!

    It would be great on a tshirt too. “Love is my superpower” Can you imagine a world if that were true for everyone??

    Permanent marker. Radiation…No biggie. Okay, I’m going with that if that’s how you’re going with it.

    Plus, you have that superpower in your back pocket!

  14. JoC says:

    #3 is very high praise indeed. Well said young man!

  15. Krista says:

    What a sweet boy and what an awesome mommy!

    And yes, drat, we had a bottle each of Motrin and Tylenol, but threw them away before they started offering the refund.

  16. Amelie says:

    Your superpower is love — he’s a good observer, and a lovely kid, of course.
    I’m happy the healing is working, too.

  17. Bon says:

    oh sniff. am blinking furiously. at work.

    am glad to hear about the healing. also about the recall bottles.

    your superpower, i would add with all due respect to your wise five-yr-old is love AND sharing. you give so much to us all by way of information, both of the “here’s how to deal w/lead paint & kids’ med recalls” and the “here’s a human view of cancer” variety. am grateful.

  18. Jessica Lippy says:

    that has to be the best super power EVER! How adorable. Have a great mothers day weekend!

  19. planetnomad says:

    Aww. That’s awesome. Happy Mother’s Day. And I agree with Bon’s comment, above.

  20. NYFriend says:

    Awww, what a little love he is.

    I’m so glad to hear the seroma is better. Yea! 🙂

  21. justenjoyhim says:

    Wow, Susan, that just made me get all teary-eyed. Your superpower is love, indeed. 🙂

  22. Andrea says:

    How you feeling, Susan? Just wanted you to know I’ve been praying for you! (((((())))))

    Love~ Andrea

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