A sweet night out with friends

My second course of radiation started this week.  Every morning, I start my day with a quick stop in the radiation center for treatment, take a deep breath, and go on about my day.  It’s not quite as easy as all that, of course, but that’s the way I’m going to look at it, for as long as I can.

After a week, the left side of my chest and my armpit are tender to the touch.  I have sharpie marker stains outlining the treatment field in dashed lines, and I have a few new tattoos too (just dots, but I like to think of them as stars that are very far away).  The thick dashed lines bothered me at first (really, one day, I had red stains, black stains, blue tattoos, and yellow paint marking the treatment areas.  When they brought out the green marker, I  couldn’t decide whether I was an old-fashioned diagram for cutting up beef, or a piece of art.)

Cuts of Beef

If they bring out the barbecue sauce, I’m outta there!

I felt awkward. I felt more than awkward, really.  As the technicians pushed and pulled my body into position where the tattoos lined up exactly with the red beams (remember the security system in Ocean’s Twelve? Psych? Chuck? Dr. Who? White Collar? Ohgoodgrief, what tripe are you watching these days?  And when are they going to add a laser hallway protecting Sue Sylvester’s trophies on that other show we all watch, anyway?) — aw, heck, now I have other things to think about when they’re lining me up with the red “laser-like” beams.

Which is awesome.  It’s all about not getting bogged down in the cancer treatment these days.  Yes, cancer sucks, but I AM MORE THAN THAT.  My life is more than that.  And so, this week I was thrilled beyond belief to go out with my friends TWICE, to pitch new ideas back and forth across the table, to hug their necks and to ask about their kids, and to spend a day and a half working downtown with education and outreach professionals on NASA’s upcoming Year of the Solar System.  Really — does it get cooler than that?  (HEY! It’s cool, ok?)

Back to dinner.  The lovely Miss Jessica asked me to dinner at The Melting Pot in Gaithersburg on Tuesday, and we motored up to join our friends in the private dining room.  It was a good thing we had a room to ourselves, because if I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that a room full of mombloggers can be ROWDY.  Oh, I kid.  We were perfectly well-behaved, if you don’t count a couple of extraneous squeals and overzealous hugs when a new friend or twelve walked in.

It was a wonderful night, gathering around the pots o’ cheese (I ate way too much fiesta cheese, but the Feng Shui melted cheese with white wine was awesomely delicious) with parenting expert and friend (lose the guilt!) Devra, Mother in Medicine KC, MamaLaw Justice Fergie (as seen in this month’s Southern Living!), and new friend (recently rediscovered?) Lindsay from RockandRollmama.  The brilliant TeachMama, techie TechSavvyMama, “it girl” Jessica, and I posed for a photo and hashed out a bit of our BlogHer ’10 session on resource blogging. We all tried the main course, cooking shrimp, beef, chicken, and veggie pasta, but we quickly agreed that if we were going to go out together?  We were much more interested in the cheese and chocolate.  Particularly since not a few of us had had to cook for our children before we left for our own dinner.  (Bygones.)

Between courses, I was thrilled to hug the neck of “Fried Apple Pies” Kristen; thoughtful Laurie Writes (who does, and who is available this summer if you need a writer); The Fabulous Miss S (who is, and I should visit her blog way more often!); Lara, who did not actually bring her Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom since dinner was being served, but who did tell me how she and Janine are starting to Bring it to Fruition; Jodifur, whose shoes I really should have noticed; neighbor and summerbuddy Stimey; and the sparkly Thien-Kim.

And then, the chocolate course.  I still have a gooey warm feeling about consuming strawberries and bananas dipped in cookies and cream dark chocolate while catching up with Janine/@Twincident and Urbanmama, although I could have easily been distracted by the brownies dipped in amaretto.  You know, since it was there and we mamas don’t like to waste  food and all.

Anyways.  This post is a shout-out to my blogging friends, who I had a lovely time with (if I didn’t mention you, please blame the chocolate), and something for me to remember:  If I lose a day (Hello, Wednesday) because I spent my spoons the night before, it’s totally worth it.

Disclosure: The Melting Pot D.C. hosted our band of mamas for dinner and dessert at no charge, with a take-home of white chocolate and spice; they’ve also set up a Girl’s Night Out package where you can enjoy exactly what we did, plus a salad I didn’t mention (because who mentions salad?), for $30/person.  Find them on Facebook.


8 Responses to A sweet night out with friends

  1. Kate @ upsidebackwards says:

    The barbecue sauce comment made me crack up!
    And the Year of the Solar System is totally cool. Especially since it’s a Martian year. (See, you taught me something!)
    Brownies dipped in amaretto… sounds like a reason to move to Maryland to me. Must convince husband and children.
    Lots of love and (gentle!) hugs to you, may your spoons be plentiful in the days ahead.

  2. sutari says:

    Mmmmm the Melting Pot. Hubby and I went there on Friday of Mother’s Day weekend, with 2 kids (9 and 4), my dad, his wife, and my brother. As usual, we ate WAAAAAAYYYY too much. But how can you turn it down – first bread and apple in cheese (we go for the traditional), steak and shrimp in broth, and then the chocolate. Oh, yes, the chocolate. And the SALAD is TOTALLY worth mentioning. No disclosure for me – we just love the place. So glad to hear you are getting out and about and having FUN. You deserve it.

  3. caramamma says:

    Brownies dipped in amaretto? Clearly it has been too long since I have been to the melting pot?

    I still look at my tattoos daily—after 12 years you would think that I would ignore them. In a way they are a good visual reminder— lots of virtual hugs to you.

  4. NYFriend says:

    Oh man you’ve made me hungry!

    So glad that things are going well.

    Big neck hugs to you. 😉

  5. Bon says:

    you occasionally make me wish i lived in DC so i could hang out with this fabulous group of women.

    and yes, you are more. glad you have people to help you celebrate that.

  6. jodifur says:

    you should not have noticed my shoes. We were too busy talking!

  7. Hey you sweet girl! I was so glad to be at your end of the table and get to know you better. I love it when people geek out on NASA with me, and loved just hanging with you. My Mama and MIL both had cancer last year, and are both now fine- I know secondhand the living in a world called cancerland where you don’t really want to be, but it’s wicked hard to think of anything else. I admire your attitude, and am so glad you had a break between protocols to come out on burn your tongue with your crew. You are a STELLAR mamacita, and I aim to see more of you. xoxo, L

  8. johnhoma124 says:

    Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

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