After I read my almost-kindergartner’s bedtime stories tonight, I sent a quick message to a friend on twitter.  Widget looked up from his pillow, and I explained, “A friend of mine’s mom is sick like I was, and I’m sending her a note to help her feel better.”  He took his thumb out of his mouth and sleepily replied, “Maybe you should send her another note and explain cancer to her.”

Oh, baby.  I wish I could.

And with that, I put my iPhone down and snuggled him as he fell asleep.


11 Responses to Briefly

  1. NYFriend says:

    Aww, what a sweet, considerate little guy.

    • whymommy says:

      Isn’t he, though? My little darling. He is handling it well, isn’t he?

      • NYFriend says:

        Yes he is, thanks to the great foundation, love and support you and WonderDaddy have given him. 🙂

        I love your new picture at the top – you look great – happy & summer-y. 😉

        • Susan says:

          Aw — thank you! My friend Amie Adams (@mammaloves) took that for me between radiation and surgery. It reminds me that there are happy times, even now — and so many happy times, at that!

  2. Kate @ upsidebackwards says:

    He’s amazing. You and C have done/are doing an awesome job.
    And you do “explain cancer”! Here and in all those other places in your sidebar – and you do an awesome job at that, too. I just wish you didn’t have to.

  3. C. Mom says:

    Amazing- sounds like a kids book in the making. Have you ever read the jester lost it’s jingle? Love that book- i got it when I was first diagnosed and read it to the preschool class I was teaching.

  4. JoC says:

    Oooooof! I agree you do extremely well explaining what we know and don’t know about cancer.

  5. Hillary says:

    Well, I guess life is like that. We are not here only for positive sides, we must face the reality. Just like now, I didn’t feel okay but rest assured I take care of my daughters feed as always. It is just sad that I forgot to take care of myself. 😦

    • Susan says:

      Please don’t be alarmed by this comment — I just clicked through to check on the commenter, and it’s a shopping site. Yes, readers, this is spam.

      And some of the rudest spam ever.

  6. Minky says:

    And I cry. What a cutie. He is such a lovebug.

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