Oh, yes, I did.

Women across the blogosphere are making ready for the annual conference/retreat/weekend known as BLOGHER.  Those who are going are shopping, packing, rehearsing their talks, and making a detailed schedule that will of course be tossed out the window the minute we arrive in New York and run into women we didn’t even know were going.  Those who aren’t going are probably getting ready to turn off their computers so they don’t have to listen to those of us who are going this week — because it’s about to get crazy up in here, peoples.

After shopping with @techsavvymama and @Stimey this morning (Oh, yes.  The Gap is dressing us.  And we will look awesome for our panel discussions on Friday.  Shameless plug: Please come hear us speak on Friday.  @Stimey is a speaker in Session 1:

Blogging Autism: Shattering Myths, Opening Eyes, and Finding Your Tribe 

@JessicaAPISS, @TechSavvyMama, @Teachmama, and I are facilitating a Room of Your Own panel during Session 3, in the Change Agents track:

Resource Blogging: Serving Your Community One Post at a Time

I am SO excited about the session!  Where was I going with this? Oh, right.

After shopping with @techsavvymama and @stimey this morning, we exchanged our new business cards.  Theirs look AWESOME.  (BlogHer trivia: How many different types of cards will @stimey give out?  And with her awesome swag, will anyone care about the cards at all?)  I wasn’t planning on getting new cards this year.  I was barely planning on going, since it’s all contingent on my health and we didn’t know what to plan for —

But since I am now CANCER-FREE, I’m going to BlogHer with friends.  To celebrate, I ordered new cards this morning.  They are AWESOME.  They promote the Women in Planetary Science Site (which I’m beginning to love), Mothers With Cancer (even those who cannot travel will not be forgotten), Toddler Planet (my home) and include all the appropriate urls and such.

AND they have those two beautiful words on them: 


Thank you all for your happy comments on the last post!  Responding to each is an impossible job, but may I thank you all together here?  I am overjoyed at the news, and overjoyed that you’re all here celebrating with me too!  HOORAY!  And if you see me next week at BlogHer (I’ll be resting til then)?  YES, PLEASE say hello!  Hug me or high five me or something — but gently, ‘k? 

Disclosure: The Gap is dressing me and many of the speakers; I’m not required to post or anything in return, but I am grateful for the opportunity.


7 Responses to Oh, yes, I did.

  1. Cancer-free! Those two words deserve to be celebrated and I am so glad you get to announce it to everyone you see at BlogHer while you rock your new looks from Gap!

  2. wrekehavoc says:

    Cancer free. Congratulations. That is a HUGE HUGE deal.

  3. Stimey says:

    Hooray! I am excited for so much in this post, but really, they all pale compared to the words “cancer free.” Those are the best words I can possibly think of.

  4. Those words are the BEST part of whole weekend! Susan will be there and her CANCER WILL NOT! Wooo! I can’t wait to see your bad self in your Gap attire!

  5. Margaret says:

    I won’t be at BlogHer (not having a blog, and all), but I wish I could be there just to give you a big celebratory hug! Such good news!

  6. Linda says:

    I just got back from vacation and wanted to catch up with your blog — and now I’ve just gotta say to the Cancer Free One…

    WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :-))))))))))

    Party on!!!! I am so thrilled for you!!!

  7. Kimmer says:

    Congratulations and have a great time. I don’t know you but have been following along and your being cancer free is terrific news.

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