A terrible day

There’s no denying that yesterday was a terrible day in my real, and my social media, neighborhood. First, we’re all safe. My family is safe, my friends and their families are safe, and in fact everyone involved in yesterday’s terrible events, with the lone exception of the gunman, is safe and home again. 

But it was a terrible day, even for those of us miles away from the epicenter of the situation.  The news unfolded on twitter, fast and furious, with real news and commentary and expressions of concern all mixed together with check-ins from and check-ins looking for people we know and love, using the fastest method of delivery that we know today — our own party line — twitter.

I was impressed from afar with how most people handled it, and this post is to APPLAUD those who handled it like adults, and to say THANK YOU to everyone who was so decent and wonderful and kind and gathered together to support those who were worried about family, about friends, about the children in the day care center.

While yesterday was a wakeup call, reminding us that terror can also be homegrown and live in our own towns, it also reminded me of the power of friendship and love.


8 Responses to A terrible day

  1. Patti L. says:


  2. ella says:

    Goodness, what a terrible situation. I’m glad it ended safely.

    The article you linked to was interesting: isn’t the power of Twitter amazing?

  3. Despite my connectedness, it was your phone call that tipped me off to what was happening! The power of social media served as both as a news outlet and also helped build community so we could virtually hug everyone involved. Thank goodness that all employees returned home safely!

    • whymommy says:

      Which I think is a point for how much more powerful social media is when it reinforces and is reinforced by real-life connections … interesting.

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  6. Slamdunk says:

    Glad you are safe–this was a scary incident.

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