I’d like to do a link-up post of all the words that you’ve written about breast cancer awareness month this year — whether you loved it, had difficulty with it, donated, and/or just remembered to check yourself and remind your friends and readers to check themselves as well.  It’s so important, and awareness goes so far beyond coloring things “pink.”  Your words make a difference.  A real difference.  If you’re a writer and blogged about it, if you talked to a friend, or if you did anything in your community (participated in an event, raised money, talked to your teenager about how to do a self-exam, printed out a flyer and posted it at the library…), would you please leave a comment here and I’ll write a big linky post Thursday night highlighting the AMAZING work that the moms and friends here do?  I’d like that.  I’d like that a lot.

I’ll be here, visiting every blog and reading every link.  It’ll get my mind off the chemo.

#chemo2010 status: Today is Cycle 4, Day 3 (of 6 cycles, 21 days each).  I feel pretty good, but I’m so very tired, and the soles of my feet are bright red and tingling.  184 pills down, 160 to go.

Edited to add:  Here are the breast cancer awareness posts I remember reading this month, off the top of my head.  Which other ones did you write and/or enjoy?

  • Amy, at TeachMama and on Shine: Talking to Kids About Cancer – @teachmama
  • Bonggam, at the YahooMotherBoard, is wearing and blogging 31 days of pink
  • Elaine, at Connor and Helen Grow Up: Avon’s Army of Women: Won’t You Join Me?
  • Florinda, at The Three R’s Blog, joined the Army of Women and posted about it at Weekend Review – @florinda3rs
  • Judy, at Just Enjoy Him, I used to get into the pink, and at Mothers With Cancer: October/Pinktober Thoughts and Feelings – @justenjoyhim
  • Laurie Kingston, at Not Just About Cancer and Mothers With Cancer: I Ran for the Cure, and writing about an interview with the author of Pink Ribbons, Inc: Letter of the Day
  • Leticia, at TechSavvyMama, about the American Cancer Society at Blogalicious and #beatcancer -@techsavvymama
  • Lorri Steer, at Mothers With Cancer: The Real Face of Breast Cancer
  • Lylah Alphonse at Work It, Mom! The 36 hour day: Think Before Buying Pink: – @workitmom
  • Marty, at Don’t Take the Repeats: Dear Cancer – @canape
  • Robin, at The Not Ever Still Life: I Believe, In Your Breasts and Mine – @noteverstill
  • Stella, at I Can’t Complain Any More Than Ususal and Mothers With Cancer: Lucky Patterns and Educate to Eradicate – @imstell
  • Stephanie Himel-Nelson, at Attain Fertility – @lawyermama
  • WorkoutMommy: What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer? -@workoutmommy
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    8 Responses to Link-up

    1. bugoliath says:

      Hi Susan, I’m happy to have found you. Thank you for listing all the writers. I’ve been looking for others like me, dealing with breast cancer. It was difficult at first finding bloggers with similar experiences, and started my own hoping someone would find me, but lately, I’m coming across a bunch of women I can relate to. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Too many women with the disease. Anyway, I’m looking forward to following your blog.

      I recently blogged a piece called “The Power of Pink.” It’s more about the individual strength we can muster because breast cancer is so prominent in the media these days, not so much what the donation dollars are doing. I, also, ask for volunteers to join Dr. Love’s Army of Women. Imagine not only a cure, but prevention.

      Ok, sorry, I’ve been rambling. Take care of yourself, hang in there and thanks for writing so honestly.

    2. Jane says:

      Ongoing blog series, this month it’s “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

    3. Kristin says:

      I wrote about breast cancer awareness at the beginning of the month – It was just the one post this month, but it’s a recurring theme on my site and will be ’til there’s nothing left to write.

    4. I had every intention and all of the ideas to blog every day this month, but I made it to (are you ready?) day 7! I got overwhelmed with the hopelessness of it all and decided to take a few days off, then got too busy with other projects and couldn’t get back to it. I do have several more posts in me that I hope to get out by the end of the week, but I think my original goal is out of the question at this point!

      Thinking of you as you go through treatment (again).

    5. Jayne says:


      What a great idea!! On Oct. 19 I wrote a journaling prompt for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
      I had written it for a journaling workshop. Looking forward to reading what others wrote.

    6. patsy says:

      rivkA lost her fight today…it never ends

    7. Mama Echo says:

      I didn’t write anything on my blog, but this is what I posted on my facebook status:
      I thought about playing the “I like it…” game, and then I read this written by a friend. (I then posted a link to your letter at
      I also posted a link to your blog when another friend on facebook talked about the game. One of her friends posted this as her status after looking at your blog:
      “Ladies, pick up that purse from wherever you keep it & go get a mammogram, or at the least a self-exam! Think you’re too young for breast cancer? Think again: young women often are diagnosed at a later stage and have higher mortality rates than older women. Young Survival Coalition is the only organization focusing solely on young women with breast cancer, so please help spread the word!”

      This probably wasn’t what you were looking for, but I wanted to show you that YOUR words are making a difference in my life and hopefully I can help spread your message.

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