Waiting for test results

Well, I had the follow-up PET/CT scan as planned. The one that was going to give us the all-clear after the summer’s radiation treatments and this Fall’s chemo.

The scan showed six seven small spots on my lungs. I don’t know when I’ll get in to see the oncologist, so I don’t know anything else. I don’t know if they’re tumors. I don’t know whether this means more treatment. I don’t know anything, really. Which is at once terrifying and full of hope.

I do see my primary care provider this afternoon. If you pray, would you please join me in praying that it’s only an infection, or something easily fixed?


78 Responses to Waiting for test results

  1. cwhf says:

    You’ve got my prayers, Susan.

  2. Becky says:

    Count on it. You are always in my prayers.

  3. Colleen says:

    I’m sending you lots of prayers winging your way, and much, much love. Do you need/want some company this week? Outside of PT, I’m pretty much free. Hugs.

  4. I’ll be holding you very close in my heart and sending extra-strength good thoughts your way, today and always.


  5. You are in my prayers.

  6. Melissa says:

    Keeping you close in prayer and in my thoughts, Susan … as always.

  7. justenjoyhim says:

    Prayers, prayers, prayers. Love to you.

  8. liz says:

    sending you all the love and prayers and positive vibes.

  9. Pat King says:

    Always in our prayers

  10. Sarah says:

    Thinking of you! You are always in my prayers!

  11. Sunday says:

    I will be praying and interceding for you now and always Susan.

  12. Faith says:

    Sending you prayers and wishes for strength (to go along with an already strong demeanor).

  13. Spruce hill says:

    I am hoping it’s nothing, I know it’s scary when they say lungs . Wish I could give you a big hug!

  14. NicoleB says:

    I will hold you high in my prayers…I am also hoping that it is nothing and has an easy fix.

  15. marty says:

    I do and I will.

  16. Jess Lippy says:

    My prayers are with you.

  17. Janine Davis says:

    Our prayers are always with you.

  18. Kristen says:

    I was just praying for you. Perfect timing!!!

  19. Bejewell says:

    Sending many good thoughts (and lots of hope) your way…

  20. Kimberly says:

    Praying hard sweetie xo

  21. Christina says:

    All the positive thoughts I can possibly send your way are coming from me. I know you’ve probably already met with the doctor, but still hoping with all my heart for the best.

  22. Patti L says:

    Prayers, positive thoughts, and fingers crossed.

  23. AnnetteK says:

    Sending many good thoughts and prayers your way.

  24. StacyG says:

    prayers sent.

  25. Mel says:


  26. J.J. says:

    You are always in my prayers. Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop so we can lift you in our prayers each step of the way.

  27. Andrea says:

    Praying… always praying… but you knew that, didn’t you, honey.

    A bump in the road, kiddo. You’ll handle it like you’ve handled all the other bumps… by walking up & over them. You still got the stuff to do that, within yourself. Forge ahead, no matter what the “ahead” turns out to be.

    Show em how it’s done, Susan.

    Love~ Andrea
    Wildlife_Friend on Twitter

  28. Bon says:

    with all my heart.

  29. Keeping you close to my heart and in my thoughts. Hugs.

  30. Brigitta says:

    I send you my prayers and good wishes. Let us know what happens after your Thursday appointment.

  31. Jessica R. says:

    Crossing fingers, toes, and everything else that can possibly be crossed. While I’m at it I’m also sending hugs and healthy thoughts.

  32. BetteJo says:

    Any time, and always.

  33. Sally J says:

    Thinking of you and hoping for the best…

  34. Robin says:

    Thinking and praying for you and yours.

  35. Joan says:

    As a cancer survivor, I have been on the recipient end of many prayer chains. Consider me a link in yours-today, and from now on.

  36. Capital Mom says:

    Praying and hoping and wishing.

  37. Catherine says:

    Every since I stumbled on your site (because I liked the name “Toddler Planet” when I saw it in a list of blog rolls) I’ve kept you close to my heart. I think of you often and at unexpected times. It was so good to hear about your happy holiday time with your family. I’m sorry to hear about this latest worry…

  38. You got it. In spades. xo

  39. imstell says:

    You needn’t ask, Susan. You’re always in my prayers. Hug your babies tight tonight.

  40. Susan says:

    Holding you in my heart.

  41. Magpie says:

    Love to you.

  42. Amanda says:

    Waiting with you.

  43. Kristen says:

    Absolutely. xox

  44. Kristin says:

    I have chats with the Universe and I’ll be having one in your honour tonight. Sending love.

  45. christina says:

    Thoughts and prayers on the way. God Bless.

  46. Rima says:

    I do pray, and I will, for you.

  47. Elle says:

    Sending you every positive thought and prayer I can.

  48. Sending good thoughts your way. And prayers. And pixie dust too. Just because.

  49. Hang on to the hope. I’m hanging onto it too and sending you love and strength.

  50. Janet says:

    Absolutely will. xo

  51. loran says:

    Sending all of the hope and prayers that were sent to me, on to you.

  52. NYFriend says:

    Sending extra gentle big hugs and healing vibes your way – and hoping it’s just an easily treatable, oh-so-typical seasonal respiratory infection that especially hits all families with school-aged kids.

  53. Melissa says:

    Lots of hopes and lots of prayers coming your way.

  54. Kristen says:

    Praying. And hoping. And praying a bit more.

  55. Colleen says:

    Prayers… wishes… fingers crossed.

  56. Darryle says:

    You’re always in my prayers and thoughts.

  57. elesha says:

    Praying for and infection a stupid annoying infection…and praying for a calm heart for you.xx

  58. schmutzie says:

    I’m sending all good thoughts your way.

  59. Karianna says:

    You’ve definitely got my thoughts and prayers. XOXO.

  60. Marcia says:

    Praying for no more cancer.

  61. Laurie says:

    Thinking of you, Susan. Sending you a hug!

  62. Sara W. says:

    Praying. You are amazing!!

  63. Holding you close in my heart, and your family too.

  64. Kelley says:

    I love you beautiful.

  65. Kelly says:

    I am sorry for your latest worry, Susan, and that you have to wait for answers. Unfortunately, with your lungs, the answers will probably not come quickly and you will most likely have to wait until the issue resolves. With your personal history with cancer it is so easy to think about a spread of your cancer, but also as likely that it is non cancer related. If many went in for a lung scan today, many would be worried that they have cancer. I will continue to pray for you here in Minnesota that your lungs are battling what many are battling this time of year.

  66. *m* says:

    Hugs, and hope, and every good thought.

  67. Jackie says:

    Sending as many good thoughts and best wishes your way!

  68. thoughts with you and yours…

  69. Malaina says:

    My prayers are with you and your family.

  70. Karen says:

    Susan, you are in my heart. I send you love, strength and much healing energy. Karenx

  71. My girls will be participating in a special liturgy today at their “Atrium” class for the celebration of the Epiphany. As I watch my children (who are learning to love God) I will offer up prayers for you, your lungs, and your family and ask that your light continue to shine.

  72. whymommy says:

    Thank you. Thank you all.

    I’m overwhelmed by your kindness.

  73. Yes indeed Susan, praying! Me and my church friends also.


  74. Kristina Baumler says:

    Sending you lots of anti-cancer vibes and big hugs to one of my favorite Relay speakers.

  75. Joining your and your supportive friends.

  76. Alice says:

    Prayers, many gentle hugs. Cancer cuts through so many families, mine included. So, no pity, ever….. but may throw a toddler tantrum?

    damn stooopid effing cancer!

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