It’s Cancer. Again.

It’s cancer.  A fourth cancer/recurrence, in less than four years.

The good news is there are treatments left to try, and I see a top oncologist at a nationally-recognized cancer center.  We’ve already decided to start endocrine therapy (also known as hormone therapy, which blocks my body from using the little estrogen it makes now and blocks my fat cells from converting androgen to estrogen (estrogen feeds my cancer)).  My oncologists are working to get me into a clinical trial of another drug as well.

We start treatment next Thursday.  It won’t be debilitating, but it will be difficult.  The informed consent pages for the trial list 16 pages of possible side effects.

I need to be strong for this fight, and get stronger despite the new treatment.  Please do leave comments, but please, please don’t pity me.  I’ll lose it.  And I don’t have time to lose it.  I have work to do.

Today I had planned to tell you all about why I care so much about providing lymphedema sleeves to other cancer patients who can’t afford them.  I’m not sure I can hold it together long enough to do so, so would you please go read the story at Laundry for Six, Minky (Moo), and Smiling MamaNot Ever Still or C. MomPunditMomMamaLaw?  Wrecklamationmod*momI Can’t Complain Any More Than Usual? Crossposts at Jodifur, Wife and Mommy, and My Life As It Is?  A story at BlogHer, even?

Whoa.  I had meant to add a link or two — and look what my friends have done. Look. What. My. Friends. Have. Done.  They have given me the most amazing gift — they’re helping my fellow survivors, ones who don’t have a blog and don’t have a voice, amplified.  And in doing so selflessly, they’re helping me.


205 Responses to It’s Cancer. Again.

  1. Would never pity you….I see your strength and I am amazed and awed! God has you in his embrace and I am not worried. Love to you and your sweet boys!!

  2. Amelie says:

    Oh Susan. I’m glad that there are treatment options. I will be praying for you.

  3. You are an amazing, strong, wonderful woman. I admire you more than ever. And I’ll be here, supporting you as best I can, just like all your other friends in the computer. I’m sending lots of love and fierce anti-cancer vibes your way!

  4. Christina says:

    You have the strength of so many already, and you know your friends and family are here to lend strength if you ever find yourself running low. All the love I can send is yours and I hope for the new treatments to go above and beyond all expectations for success. If anyone can get through this, it’s you.

  5. Karen says:

    I have no doubt in your strength, determination and ability to put that cancer in its place. I feel your strength everyday – I log in to your site and I recieve my daily shot of strength. It keeps me me going and keeps me focused on whats important in life. You are an inspiration, you are amazing – you are a wonderful mother, a dedicated and accomplished scientist and a compassionate and fierce campaigner for those of us confronting this disease. You are so strong! I only wish I lived closer (UK) so I could share a cup of tea of with you!

  6. […] Nothing from me.  Just please, go and visit my friend @whymommy (Susan) at ToddlerPlanet, and send her some love – but not pity.  It’s cancer.  Again. […]

  7. Donna W says:

    No pity. Anger, perhaps, at cancer. Is that OK? Lots of anger. And positive thoughts sent your way.

  8. Working on a post now. Cuz I know that’s what you really want.

  9. I have such admiration for you that pity is the furthest thing from my mind.

  10. Sending much love, strength and positive thoughts your way. Now go out there and kick this thing to the curb. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. You WILL do it again!


  11. […] to my friend Susan from ToddlerPlanet, they do. Susan has world class medical care and  tons of resources at her disposal to fight her […]

  12. Niksmom says:

    Sending you love and prayers for continued strength to kick cancer’s butt again!

  13. *m* says:

    You are a warrior, and we are right here beside you –furious that you have to do this again but knowing that you can and will.

  14. Stacey says:

    I don’t have any words to share that haven’t already been shared above. Just know that I’m sending lots of love and light.

    But your words “I don’t have time to lose it. I have work to do.” reminded me of Dorothy Day, “No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless. There’s too much work to do.”

    And then I was reminded of this, “The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” ~ Ben Okri

    That quote was tailor-made for you, Susan. Take wonderful care, and much love, Stacey

  15. liz says:


  16. Jen says:

    I have such admiration for you. I recently sent my dad who has been recieving chemo for lung cancer your blog because your strength, bravery and positive spirit are contagious. Prayers and healing thoughts. If anyone can get through this, it’s you.

  17. You will kick her ass AGAIN.

  18. Sylvia says:

    You are strong, and you can do this. May I suggest you try to read the book The Secret.

  19. slouchy says:

    i love you, susan.

    sending you strength to kick cancer’s ass, as you always do.

  20. extremeparenthood says:

    You are strong! You are mighty! You can fight this! And we’ll be right there beside you every step of the way!

    • Rah Rah Rass.. kick cancer in the ass AGAIN! Go Susan!!! okay flash backs to cheerleader days, sort of scary when you consider me doing that now, huh? Honestly though babe pity was never at this party, we celebrate life, we celebrate you and really how could I pity someone I admire so much? Smart girls are sexy and YOU are STRONG!

      I’m with Sunday

  21. Bon says:

    sending you love and strength.

  22. sutari says:

    Well SH**. Sending all the strength I can spare and then some. Glad to know there are treatments, hope you get into the trial. You have a path forward. Follow it! And beat this beast! We are with you.

  23. No pity. A whole lot of pissed-off-ness, but no pity. The incredible amount of love and support and good wishes and prayers and thoughts for you around the globe thanks to the joys of the Interwebs is just amazing, and may you be able to harness all of this into the strength and passion needed to get through this round. Harness it, baby!!!

  24. Becky says:

    Pity you? Never. Admire you? Always. For your courage, grace and strength. You are amazing. You are an inspiration. Fight on. Sending prayers, good thoughts and love your way.

  25. You are young, you are strong, you have good doctors and you have two little doses of sunshine right there with you. Not to mention thousands of prayers. Cancer doesn’t stand a chance. *fist bump*

  26. Gamermomma says:

    Sending hugs and love. You got a lot of people fighting for you. Hang in there!

  27. Holding you in my heart until I can give you a great big hug in my arms. Lots of prayers and love going out to you.

  28. Joan says:

    Susan, for what it is worth, know that someone (probably a big bunch, actually!) in the Philly area is reading and caring and wishing you the very best for the next round of the fight. I am confident you have secured the best treatment available (That scientific brain of yours does come in handy!) and there are significant developments happening all the time.

    Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment re the lymphedema sleeves. I have been fortunate enough to avoid lymphedema so far (had sentinel node surgery with my mastectomy) but I was a follower of Rachel Troxell’s wonderful blog and can only imagine how happy she would be to know your news.

    Wishing you and your guys all the best for the year ahead and many after,

  29. Nancy says:

    You rock and you are strong, and you will continue to keep kicking this cancer back.

  30. Malena says:

    You are an amazing mom, and this blog is a gift to them and the rest of us. Keep fighting!

  31. Vanessa says:

    Praying for healing, strength and faith for you and your family as you tackle this next roadblock. Your constant positivity (is that a word?) is inspiring – stay strong!

  32. Spacemom says:

    No Pity. Just love and strength.
    Keep living everyday that you feel well with your family and friends. Rest when your body asks, and remember that you are not alone.

  33. Megan says:

    Sending strength and admiration.

  34. Stimey says:

    Dammit. As always, onward. Your courage and grace in this fight is astounding and inspiring. I feel so grateful to have you in my life. I know we can’t fight this for you, but we’ll be standing right next to you and your family every step of the way.

    • Kristen says:

      I hope your feelings aren’t hurt, but this is why Stimey is my favorite. I mean, I love you too, but seriously.

      So you are saying the cherry pies didn’t work. I will not be thwarted. I think we need to move to intense cherry therapy. I’ll start looking for a fryer we can permanently install in the carport.

      And the solar eclipse. We are so there.

  35. profart says:

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way. You can do it. Go beat that cancer’s ass.

  36. No pity, just tons of love, strength, and knowledge that you will keep fighting like you always have and I am right here for whatever you need. Now go kick cancer’s ass for a 4th time!

  37. J.J. says:

    So proud of you for already being braced for the fight. You can do it. You’ve done it before, you’ll do it again! We’re here to pick you up when (even before) you feel like you’ll fall apart, and it’s okay to. And we’ll keep adding prayer warriors to Team Why Mommy to boot!

  38. cagey says:

    Pity? Ha! You are an ass-kicker, Susan. A brave ninja in the face of cancer. 🙂

    Hang tough!

  39. Janine says:

    Best quote ever… “don’t pity me….I have work to do.”
    I’ll be taking that with me.
    Let me know if we can do anything to help you get into a trial…you never know who we know.
    Carry on then my friend.

  40. We’ll keep doing, too. Whatever you need.

  41. Kimmer says:

    No pity, but wanted to send good thoughts and tell you that you’re an inspiration. As a cancer survivor who just had a couple of days waiting for a biopsy result(blood test negative) – your example and grace are amazing. I’m hoping you will be put in a trial that can do good things and sending strength and prayers to you.

  42. Your strength and determination is such an inspiration. Sending you all best wishes for the fight ahead.

  43. Amanda says:

    I don’t pity you, I pity the cancer whose sorry backside you are going to kick eight ways to Sunday.

    You are a force.

  44. Natalie says:

    2011 is the year to kick cancer to the curb for good! Keep on, keeping on. We’re here to cheer you on. Thanks for the links.

  45. jodifur says:

    We are here for you because we love you and support you and because you ask so little. There is no pity, only love and hugs and anything you need. I still owe you a visit. The only thing I’m sorry for is the snow that made us cancel it and that it hasn’t been rescheduled.

    Much love.

  46. Mommy Said What? says:

    You can kick cancer’s ass. I met you for all of 5 minutes at Blogher (I was the National Film Board girl, remember?) and even I know that.

    Looking forward to the next time we meet.

  47. bessieviola says:

    Sending love, no pity. You are an incredibly strong woman who is going to kick this. Again. Sending prayers and love.

  48. Debra says:

    You are amazing and strong and a fighter. Of course you will kick cancer to the curb, again, because that is what you do. Sending love, hugs, positive energy and prayers. Now I’ll get out of your way and let you get to work.

  49. TwoBusy says:

    All the strength and goodwill in the world, heading right to you.

  50. Lisa Adams says:

    I am so sorry to hear you have to deal with it AGAIN. I will be following you along the way.

  51. You may be one of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in person. I expect you to kick cancer’s ass until you beat it. Love and cancer kicking thoughts to you.

  52. elana centor says:

    Saw you speak at BlogHer twice and am a huge fan. I see you as a Warrior Leader and will do what I can to follow your example and spread the word aboutCrickett’s Answer and LympheDIVAs program to lymphedema sleeves to women who can’t afford them.
    Thank you for being you.

  53. Sue says:

    You are a fighter, Susan. You can do this. I do not pity you; rather, I have only ever been inspired by your courage and optimism.

  54. Andrea from Big Blue Momma says:

    Cancer sucks. I hate it for you that you have to keep going through it all. Sending positive thoughts your way. You are going to beat this.

  55. sallysmart says:

    Go kick some cancer ass, young lady!

  56. Molly Gold says:

    Because you do have work to do…you are fighting for your life and you are strong, brave, smart, willing, and fearless in the face of fear. You are a mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter selflessly teaching perservance and determination, focus and faith that good will come in every word you type and step you take. You are a gift to be cherished and surrounded in prayer for your body to win and your mind to stay clear. Prayers from an army of people you’d never know if you weren’t here…being brave…every day. Blessings ~

  57. Pgoodness says:

    Pity?! Please….you are amazing and strong. Kick its ass again!!!

  58. Aurelia says:

    No pity, just very glad there are treatment options and drugs left, and I’ll be here whenever you need me.

  59. You are a warrior woman and I have no doubt you’re up to this fight. Sending kick ass, healing thoughts and prayers your way.

  60. Valerie says:

    You are strong and amazing and my hero. God bless and heal you!

  61. Teri says:

    No pity, but strength being sent your way.

  62. Andrea says:

    Git er done, Susan!

    Show em what it looks like to beat cancer for the 4th time in less than 4 years!! Show em how it’s done!

    Love you~ Andrea

  63. Christine says:

    Bless you Susan, you will do it. You are an inspiration to so many.

  64. imstell says:

    Love. And hugs. And hope. Never lose that.

  65. Lisse says:

    You are amazing and inspiring, and you have a lot of great support. You can do this!

  66. Patricia Bullock says:

    I’ve been following your remarkable story For a few years now. I tell your story to my teenage daughter because I admire your “untraditional” career and work choices and hope that she chooses a path less travelled for herself. I want her to be aware of your fight and I want this generation, NOW, to find the cure.

    When your battle makes you weary, your visible AND invisible support force – stretching around the globe – join together to send you our strength to carry you through the battle. When you think you are alone listen to the whisper and rustle of so many voices that you aren’t even aware of… we who will catch you if you stumble. We want your story to continue with happy and fulfilling chapters, growing with your boys and reminding us all how precious our lives are. Your one voice carries your message to every corner of our lives. One voice makes a difference.

    Our voices join yours so this damn thing is whipped and beaten, and crushed beneath your feet into history. Fight, woman.

  67. mlm3302 says:

    Susan, you have inspired not just one or two people–but a community! You are going to kick this stupid cancer’s ass!

  68. Not, not, not, not, not the news we were hoping for. But pity you? How could I pity the strongest woman I know? We are still in this with you, Susan. Every step of the way. Sending all I have to you. xo

  69. Miss Britt says:

    It’s not surprising all your friends have done. You inspire devotion, Susan. You’re strength and dogged commitment to living are amazing and inspiring.

  70. Emily says:

    Do it for your boys, Susan! You are my hero!

  71. Suebob says:

    Sending good thoughts.

  72. cindy w says:

    Keeping you in my prayers and sending you all of the positive vibes that I can.

  73. Lisa says:

    You’re so strong. You can do this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  74. Mama Bub says:

    I’m fighting for you. You are the strongest person I’ve never met.

  75. Michelle says:

    Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
    — Mahatma Gandhi

    Prayers…for you, your medical team, and your family!!!

  76. Corina says:

    You are a force of strength and love. You have got this! You are in my thoughts! Much love to you.

  77. D'Lyn says:

    You’re my hero — so incredibly amazing, and such a fastastic Momma to your boys!!!! Keep Fighting. You’ve kicked Cancer’s butt before and can do it again! I’m praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. mayberry says:

    All right lady — we’re all going to kick it up a notch on your behalf. Feel the love.

  79. You are stronger than cancer! Fight on, tough mama!

  80. Kick that cancer’s ass, Susan! And have a great weekend!

  81. magpie says:

    You are the awesome. I’m glad there are options so that you can slay this. Love to you.

  82. ecobabe says:

    No pity — just love and strength and a sense of humor! You will be able to beat the snot out of this! I have this image, courtesy of a picture my son drew yesterday — Susan in camo taking aim at the big mean cancer, and like Rambo without a jock strap conquering the world of all Evil. Betch you can!!

  83. Thien-Kim says:

    Susan, I have not known you very long but so happy that we are friends. I send my love your way. You are amazing woman!

  84. Laurie says:

    You are so strong, loved, supported, smart, resourceful and determined. These things serve you in everything you do – including this latest one. Sending you love- Laurie.

  85. thinking of you and yours as you prep for the latest butt-whoopin’ on this thing.

  86. Veronica says:

    You shall never get pity from me! I pity the cancer! It doesn’t know who it invaded.

    You are loved.
    You are strong.
    You kicked cancer’s ass before and yet it keeps coming back to get it’s ass kicked. Which proves that cancer is dumb! Kinda like all those dumb war lords who think they can finally kill Xena. YIYIYIYI! to you cancer!

    Take Mr. Pointy to those cancer cells ala Buffy. Dust ’em!

    Love you!!

  87. What can I say to you that hasn’t been already said? I just want you to know that I am here and that you are, in fact, my hero. If there is anything I can do for you, always reach out and ask.

  88. Janet says:

    Amanda sent me. Peace, strength and love to you.

  89. Cancer sucks.

    Best wishes to you. You Rawk.

  90. They are making progress on this all the time and just recently had a new discovery. They are going to beat this and so are you. One day you will look back on this and say “screw you, cancer, I kicked your ass!”

  91. Mama Echo says:

    Sending lots of love, strength, courage, and butt kickin’ from MT.

  92. Linda Lawrence says:

    Love you loads! We 🙂 that you remembered the camels.

  93. Jan says:


    All for you.

  94. Lisa B says:

    Dammit!!!! That’s anger not pity. I was hoping that it wasn’t. Sending you love and strength. You’re in my thoughts. May 2011 be the year you beat it forever.

    Lisa B
    Hampshire, UK

  95. Jenni says:

    How could anyone pity a woman with such strength? You’ve beat it three times; now you’ll beat it a fourth.

  96. Elaine says:

    I don’t pity you, I admire your strength and determination. You will beat this, you will get better. I can feel it in your words. Best wishes to you.


  97. Allison says:

    I’ve only ever commented on this site two or three times, though I’ve read you closely for years. Been thinking of you a lot over the last two days.

    Anyway, I love what Stacey said above. Great quotes. There IS a lot of work to do. I wish you all the best, and take care of yourself.

  98. Sending you lots of STRONG, pity-free thoughts!!

  99. Amy says:

    Sending love and wishes for healing to you.

    Your strength continues to amaze me.

  100. Colleen says:

    I so hate that I have to echo the “be strong,” “you are strong” chorus — though, of course, you are and will be, I know. I wish there were a way to say, “go ahead and be a marshmallow — you deserve it.” But, seriously, Susan — I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone outside my family for whom my heart just swells with such love and admiration. You are formidable. You are fantastic. You make me want to be a better person. And I know that you will do fine and you will seriously make this idiot evil wish it had never seen your face. I am available for whatever you need — pickup, drop off, meals, babysitting, chemo company, whatever you need. If you would rather not ask, I will just decide what to do and do it — just give me the go ahead to figure out a schedule and I’ll be happy to coordinate with all your other well-wishers and friends in the area.

  101. loran says:

    Courage, grace and strength define you Susan. I have found that the gift in a breast cancer diagnosis is being able to pave the way for those that come after us on the cancer path. You share your experience in such real terms, allowing sisterhood where one might not exist and showing everyone how amazing and awesome raw honesty about life with cancer is. Your willingness to share this journey with everyone gives the gift of knowledge and sisterhood to those who so need it and don’t know where to turn to find it. a fave quote: “She went out on a limb, had it break off behind her, and discovered she could fly.” You fly beautifully and I send you all of my prayers and strength for the treatment ahead. You are woman and we hear you roar!!!

  102. A million prayers your way.

  103. Helping to get the word out about the sleeves and your amazing efforts on behalf of others is truly the least we can do. xo

  104. Mom101 says:

    I am rooting for you, my strong friend. We all are. You will kick some cancer ass. I know it.

  105. Stefania says:

    Holding you close in my thoughts and heart. Sending cancer-cluster-bombing vibes to all therapies, drugs, and treatments you are trying. We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna beat this. AGAIN.

  106. Cecily says:

    Thinking loving thoughts about you, and angry little dagger thoughts at the fucking bastard cancer.

    Please, be good to yourself.

  107. You’re totally kicking this cancer in the balls.

  108. Brandie says:

    Sending you many prayers as good thoughts as you go through this. You are seriously one of the strongest people I know and I say that honestly, from the heart.

  109. Mary says:

    Every successful drug had a trial where it worked!!! May this be the trial for this drug/therapy/treatment. If strength is a component is the success you have it in spades — thinking of and praying for you.

  110. I am sending nothing but good thoughts and faith that there are a lot of folks rooting for you to kick cancer’s ass, me too!!!

  111. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stefania P. Butler. Stefania P. Butler said: RT @PunditMom: If you have a moment, please send @Whymommy your good thoughts, energy, prayers. […]

  112. Amy says:

    You’re strong, and you have the strength of thousands of women behind you when you falter. Love to you, and prayers.

  113. Meghan says:

    Pity you, jeez. You’re like my hero. I have no doubt that you’ll kick cancer’s ass this time around as well.

  114. Morra says:

    Sending you warm white light from cold Boston. xoxo

  115. “I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face…” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    You can do it.

  116. Rebecca says:

    Wishing you all the strength and courage and love you can muster. And then some.

  117. Garza Girl says:

    Go kick some cancer ass (again), girl. Sending you butt whooping juju from California.

  118. Well, SHIT.

    Hang in there, friend. You know I’m the one cheering the loudest. And whenever you need it, I’ll have my paintbrush ready.


  119. Sarah says:

    I haven’t commented here before, Susan, but I’ve been following your story for some time. You are my hero. You are brilliant and ridiculously strong – and getting STRONGER with every fight, you are the Ultimate Fighting Champion of kicking cancer’s despicable ass. I for one am confident you will retain this title.

    Go get your fight on, lady, we’re in your corner!


  120. Karianna says:

    You are incredibly strong. I respect you tremendously. You are phenomenal.

  121. Hear that??

    That’s the sound of TEAM WHYMOMMY, rallying up the troops…

    If anyone can kick cancer’s ass, Susan, it’s you.

    You’ve done it before, and you’re going to do it again– we’re all right here, sending all of the prayers and strength we can possibly muster.

    All my love xoxoxoxox CGF

  122. We’re all shadow boxing right with you on this one.

  123. Sending you lots of strength and light. My favorite quote when I was battling cancer was, “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” You have proved that three times, and will prove it a fourth. Hugs!!

  124. ilinap says:

    Yes, you have so much work to do. Go work and fight and know that there are legions of us pulling for you! Team Why Mommy!

  125. LK says:

    Sending healing energy to you and all who are fighting cancer. Namaste.

  126. Average Jane says:

    Hey, tough lady. Thinking of you and adding my support vibes to everyone else’s.

  127. You’re gonna win this battle Susan. I’ve never met a stronger woman! And know that you’ve got an army of friends and prayer warriors behind you…and we’re pissed!

  128. You are a constant source of admiration and strength to me Susan. Please know that. I know it will probably mean little when you are in the thick of it but your words and your grace set an example for all of us to follow. I wish you strength and health in your next battle and lots of love. Kick some cancer arse.

  129. planetnomad says:

    I’ve been with you on this journey so far and I’m still with you. I admire you tremendously and I pray for you.

  130. Aunt Pat says:

    Sending lots of LOVE and strength. You are always in my prayers. Hang in there .Better days ahead. Love ya !

  131. jaydub26 says:

    Kia Kaha – stand strong my friend

  132. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  133. Damn. So typical that you are working for your sisters while you do this. You are one tough, determined cookie! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  134. Cancer sucks but you don’t!
    Giant hugs to you.

  135. Elaine says:

    Kick it, Susan. You’re quite possibly the strongest person I’ve ever come across. Ask, ask, ask for anything at all someone else can do. And if it doesn’t need to be done, let it go. Your resources are for you, right now.

  136. Donna says:

    This blog stalker sends every positive thought and wish your way, your family’s way, your world’s way. Making a difference every day- yes you are…

  137. Jessica R. says:

    Oh just hot damn. FUCK CANCER. Hang in there my strong amazing inspiring friend.
    No pity, just endless buckets of love and support. You ROCK.

  138. Glennia says:

    Sending you lots of love, strength, good thoughts. xoxo

  139. Florinda says:

    I’m just admiring your determination as you gear up for the fight, again…and prepping a post about the lymphedema-sleeves project for my blog next week. It’s truly the least I can do – that, and keep you in my thoughts. I’m rooting for you!

  140. elesha says:

    You have work to do that is for sure but God above knows if anyone can do this its you. I will pray for your strength to maintain the fighting spirit to kick this asshole cancer once and for all. x

  141. Jane says:

    I’ll be working on my blog post tonight. 🙂 Besides all the swear words posted by your army of rootin’ tootin’ supporters are a lot of hopeful words too! Success, bravery, grace, strength, love and support! We’ve all been with you all week long. Can you feel it?

  142. Tracy Keirns says:

    Keep swearing, keep fighting, and keep kicking cancer’s ass! It looks like you have an ass kicking support system to guide you through this extremely difficult journey! If you were wondering how I found your blog, Stimey sent me! 😉

  143. […] It’s Cancer. Again. It’s cancer.  A fourth cancer/recurrence, in less than four years. […]

  144. Vickie says:

    I AM sorry, that you should have a fourth round v. cancer, but no pity. I know you will find the resources both within yourself and around you to help you get through this. Will keep praying and sending you positive energy.

  145. Just sending all my love.

  146. Kate says:

    I read through many of your link…you have amazing support which reflects the good things you are doing. Sending you love, strength and prayers.

  147. Sending excruciatingly positive, vowel-heavy vibes from Ohio, which is easy to do when you don’t care about sports.

    Here’s hoping the unforeseen side effects of your clinical trials include temporary bionic powers or the ability to see through walls. Superpowers would suit you.

  148. annie says:

    you are amazing. I am praying for you and your family.

  149. NYFriend says:

    Sending you vibes of HOPE and friendship.

  150. Penny Possibilities says:

    Kick its ass Susan. I am sending my love to you and your boys.

  151. Dorothy says:

    I deeply admire how you approach your life’s journey. My prayers are with you and your family, and I will join you in visualizing this cancer being kicked to the curb – permanently. Many blessings to you and your family.

  152. Deb says:

    “Forever is composed of nows.”
    — Emily Dickinson

    One day at a time. Take care woman. Sending a hug and a prayer.

  153. Darryle says:

    No pity here either—just admiration and support for your courage and generosity and inspiration. You’re my hero more than ever.

  154. Susan,

    No, no pity! Remember who you are sister, and what you’re here to do. You will do it. What your friends do is a reflection of who you are.

    Sending love, strength, prayers, and faith.

    Love, Elizabeth

  155. Lady M says:

    You are an amazing and inspirational fighter. Sending you extra strength for this next round.

  156. Me again, reading all the comments. Yeah, what they said! Glad to know I’m not the only one who has a major hero. Had to blog about it.

    You are nothing less than a phenomenon.

    Sending all the stuff I sent before, and then some. I wish I could give you a major hand squeeze.

  157. jana says:

    Susan, you said that you will be starting an endocrine therapy. I recommend that you ask your oncologist about Faslodex (fulvestrant) — it’s one of the newer, and BETTER, endocrine drugs for breast cancer. It worked for my mom for a good, long time, with few side effects. (Compared to chemo it was a piece of cake for her.) Studies have shown that it can offer efficacy comparable to the more well known endocrine drugs, but it is in a different category (it is not an aromatase inhibitor). One key point to know about it: it can cause a spike in the level of a patient’s tumor markers (blood tests), even when it is actually working against the cancer (as proven by later scan results in studies) — so experts emphasize that it’s important to not misinterpret the rise in the markers — they say that Faslodex should be continued until a scan delivers the answer regarding whether it has been effective — do not be misled by a rise in the marker results. It did not just control my mom’s cancer, it didn’t just hold it in check for a long time — it also shrunk her tumors. As cancer drugs go, it’s a peach.

  158. Keri says:

    De-lurking after a long time reading to tell you that I have never, for a moment, pitied you. I can only admire your strength, your optimism, the obvious bond within your family, and the fantastic job you have done turning a bad situation into such a Good Work. Look at all you have done! You are truly an inspiration. The first thing I thought of when I was diagnosed with Cancer last year was that if I could have a quarter of your strength, I’d be fine. And although I had an easy ride, knowing there were women like you out there helped me pull myself up when it got icky (As it does. My stitches are pulling writing this!)

    There is no room for pity when I think of your situation, because I’m so full of admiration for the one quality I attribute you with most: Grace. You pick up your cross and seem to say “Hey! I could make something awesome with all this wood. But I’m not going to lie; those splinters aren’t much fun” You are honest about the hard times and that helps us when we struggle ourselves, and look what you do with this blog, and everything else you do. Look at all the women you have brought together with your post on IBC awareness, and Mothers With Cancer. You help us all with your example. And now, considering this is my first comment on your blog, I might shut up.

    Wishing you the best.


  159. justenjoyhim says:

    Will just repeat: Hate cancer, love you.

  160. Susan says:

    Sending you love and companionship over the ethernet….you already have so much strenght and grace and grit, and I am happy to be one of the invisible friends in the computer standing with you.

  161. Adam says:

    Praying for you.

  162. I for one had never heard of lymphedema or the sleeves and am grateful for the education and information on how to help. Thank you so much for the gift. You are in my heart.

  163. Suzy says:

    I don’t have time to pity you because I’m all caught up in the fact that you’re a FUCKING ASTROPHYSICIST.

    So I’m pitying myself, for having trouble spelling it.

    Stay strong. The internet is here!

  164. Capital Mom says:

    I think you are amazingly strong.

  165. Kami says:

    Breathe and remember one day at a time. Onward.

  166. David Ballantyne says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for all your love and support here for Jack, Jamie and I. Your strength of character and sheer “goodness” lifts everyone here. I can’t believe you find the time to post comments of love and support for us while you are so busy yourself. Incredibly selfless. Well, all that love and support is being sent right back to you! We’re on your side, Susan. Thinking of you.

    Love and prayers,

    David, Jack and Jamie. XOXOXOX

  167. Lella says:

    Another reader delurking after a few years. I keep coming back to your blog, because you never fail to inspire me to be a better wife and mother. Supporting you and your family with prayers as you put one foot in front of the other.

  168. You’re the best fighter I know. You can do it and we’re right behind you. EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.

  169. Susan,

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately and I’m so sorry to hear of this new sucky news. I have been all cranky and whiny recovering from my minor routine surgery and am marveling at the grace and generosity you have shown throughout your ordeal.

    All of us who know you, both IRL and here in the cyber-verse are blessed to do so. However tangentially you may have touched our lives, you have made a difference, and continue to make a difference each and every day.

    I am sending well wishes your way and hopes that the treatment course goes smoothly for you, that the side-effect gnomes skip over your house.

  170. Melissa says:

    Sending hugs, strength, love … always.

  171. Lylah says:

    Sending you positive thoughts and strength. Thank you for sharing so much of yours with all of us. No pity. Just gratitude.

  172. Donna says:

    As I was reading the comments, the only thing I could think of was this bible verse “Fear not for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee. I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” I hope you are not offended by me sending you a bible verse but it is totally sent with love.

  173. Andrea says:

    Praying for you Susan! Know you can beat this cancer! Love you so much!

  174. Phil says:

    Susan, in tough times, I think of Winston Churchill who said “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” Stay strong and never give up.

  175. Okay, my pink warrior friend. Let’s do it. I’m here for you for whatever you need.

  176. mod*mom says:

    you pull us together + up susan 🙂

  177. Dawn says:

    “Just do it afraid.”

    I learned that from you. xoxo.

  178. Alice W says:

    The power of women is an amazing thing.
    The strength of motherhood is ferocious.
    Your friends and more are with you, You have touched so many. You have touched me.
    Powerful, ferocious women, praying for you and sending love, prayer and the fervent wish to drop kick cancer’s ass.

  179. Jo Major Ciolino says:

    What everyone else has already said, and then some. Close your eyes and feel the threads of hundreds of people connecting to your soul and filling you and you family with all the radiant strength, light and joy we can summon.

  180. Fist bump to you and all the strength in the world—you are a wonderful person and we are all lucky you are here. Sending you much love.

  181. Karen says:

    Sending hugs and prayers cos a girl can never have too many!

  182. I’m so sorry to hear your news. I’ve never commented before, but through the amazing network of bloggers I have been following your journey.

    The support of the people around you, both near and far, is amazing. I hope that give you strength.

  183. tara says:

    I didn’t know you until BlogHer last summer. When you got on stage it was clear you were a force to be reckoned with — either that, or you have the force. Cancer best run and hide.

  184. Margaret says:

    I have been away from your blog for a week, and am so sad to return to this news. But I prayed for you yesterday at mass anyway, as I always do, and as I will continue to do. I have a neighbor who has been fighting breast-cancer for 15 years– more than a decade at Stage IV– and she will see her youngest son graduate from high school this spring. Hers is the miracle I pray for you.

  185. Susan, thank you for sharing so much so often and we’re all sharing our hope and good thoughts for you.

  186. always rooting for you. ALWAYS.


  187. Malaina says:

    I’m thinking of you. I know you can do this! Get to work!

  188. Susan:

    I’ve continued following your life and writing as I’ve moved from DC to Seattle and from Seattle to France. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been hit be cancer again. You’re a trooper, though, and I’m sending positive thoughts your way for you and your family!

  189. Nor says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I need to share the information about the sleeves.
    And, wishing you well. No pity party for you!!!

  190. Patricia says:

    Sending you strength.

  191. Sending you love, strength and Eskimo kisses from Canada, dear friend. xoxo

  192. I won’t pity you, sweetheart. I just want to punch cancer in the head on your behalf, if you don’t mind. Much love, hugs and strength being cyberbeamed your way.

  193. Ella says:

    Sending much love and strength. xx

  194. Just catching up here. Pity you? Never. You are awesome, mama, and inspire me more than you’ll ever know.

    I AM sorry it’s cancer again, but not in a “sorry for you” kind of way, if that makes sense. Just that I wish it were different. But I still believe in your strength and awesomeness to face whatever comes next.

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