The Bloggies!!!

The Women in Planetary Science blog is a finalist in THE BLOGGIES!  I’m over the moon about this – what a great opportunity to spread the word that there ARE women in planetary science, and that they do good work, as we show each week in our 51 Women in Planetary Science Series!  I am SO EXCITED for my colleagues and for this incredible opportunity!  If you nominated us, or if you vote for us now, THANK YOU!


8 Responses to The Bloggies!!!

  1. Stimey says:

    Hooray!! I’m really excited for you rockin’ intelligent women!!

    (I misspelled “intelligent” three times before I got it right here, dangit.)

  2. I already voted for you! (and PunditMom and Chookooloonks, natch) Congratulations!

    I was so excited when I saw you guys listed. As a kid I was very into astronomy and wanted to be an astronomer (my poor mother was dragged to the planetarium constantly for what was, for her, an expensive nap). That all fell by the wayside, but I still get vicarious thrills read all about it.

  3. *m* says:

    Done, and congrats!

  4. Gayle says:

    I voted for you… and Punditmom… and others that I know and love. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Colleen says:

    Women in Planetary Science has my vote. Maybe you trailblazers will make it easier for Chickadee #1 to enter the field — one of her favorite things is visiting the planetarium….

  6. I voted, and tweeted about it too – and will do so again. Hooray for women in science!

  7. Catherine says:

    Congratulations, Susan! I voted, and posted a note and link on my Facebook page…. hope the news spreads far and wide!

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