Advocacy Workshop / Deadline 2020

If you live in or near D.C. and you write about, care about, or just plain hate cancer, there’s an incredible workshop coming up at the end of the month that you should know about.  The National Breast Cancer Coalition is holding its annual Advocacy Training and Lobby Day on the Hill April 30 – May 3, and cancer survivors, advocates, and friends are coming from all over to learn how to make our advocacy more effective.  While I was too sick to sign up earlier (and all over feverish and chills and achy and painy from the Zometa this weekend), I’m better now – in body and spirit – and I’m determined that BONE METS ARE NOT GOING TO STOP ME.

I will keep speaking out about life with cancer.  It’s what I do.  And so why not do it more effectively?

NBBC has set a deadline for the end of breast cancer: 1 January 2020.  I’m encouraged by their plan and I’m committed to working hard to bring that day about, for our friends and kids and kids’ friends alike.  Going to this conference will help me to use my words more effectively, both when calling my Senators and Representatives and when typing out the occasional opinion piece from home.  So today I took the leap of faith that I’ll be strong enough to attend the sessions and events in two weeks and registered today.

I’m most interested in this panel: “Changing the Conversation in the Media,” where participants will learn how to help reframe public discourse from “dressing it up in pink every October” to something of more practical use than a sea of pink.  Although now that I look at the rest of the agenda more carefully, I see that Geoff Livingston is speaking on the social media panel!  I should go!  The other panelists are Dr. Alan Rosenblatt and Dr. Gayle Sulik.  It’s funny to see social media experts listed without their twitter handles….



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  1. Janine Guglielmino, LBBC says:

    Hey, Susan. I’ll be there and will look for you. I’m signed up for that media workshop myself. I’m very interested to hear what they have to say. Looking forward to meeting you in person!

  2. Stimey says:

    Right on. I saw Geoff speak once, and he was great. This is, of course, yet another awesome event scheduled during the four days I will be out of town at the end of April. 😦

    Onward! 🙂

  3. Kelly Kruger says:

    Where do you find the energy to fight cancer and change the world?? You are simply amazing, my friend.

    So glad to hear that you are now feeling good enough to attend the NBCC Advocacy Training and Lobby Day. I know of several IBC Survivors that are attending, many for the first time. Looking forward to learning how my voice can help make a difference and meeting another IBC Survivor from the Class of 2007 is certainly an extra perk!

    I would like to extend an invitation to you, and any other IBC Survivors/Supporters, that would like to gather for food, fellowship, and networking, to join us in the lobby at 6:30 pm on Saturday, April 30th. Please feel free to email for the specifics and to help assure that we have an accurate headcount for reservations at a restaurant within walking distance of the conference hotel. See you soon!

  4. Woo-Hoo, can’t wait to see you there! This will be my first conference and I’m so stoked that you will be there too. Yes, you will be strong enough. So happy to hear all the happy things lately!

    Big Hug,

  5. Go Susan! You are already such a powerful voice; I hope that this training and advocacy helps you (and many others) do even more!

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