Dandelion, taken by Louise DockerAs we set off on our early morning walk, Little Bear scooting along on his tricycle and 6 year old Widget on his bike, the sky was blue and clear, the weekend’s rainclouds just a memory.

Four year old Little Bear stopped and plucked a dandelion in full feather, saying, “I wish for a dog!” “Me too,” cried his brother. Me three, I said, and we blew the fluff right off that dandelion so enthusiastically that a seed or two landed in Little Bear’s open mouth. Sputtering, he recovered his dignity and we continued up the hill.

At the top, Widget picked a second dandelion, asking me first what I wished for, if I could have anything in the world. As we had had a little talk about cancer that morning, preparing him for an upcoming class for kids of parents with cancer, I was honest with him, kneeling down and telling him my wish for many more years together.  “Me too!” said Widget, and he asked “What do you wish for, Bear?” “A dog!” said Bear, oblivious to the topic at hand, focused entirely on the Chow we’d passed earlier.

We blew that dandelion out fiercely, taking care to avoid Bear’s face this time, but one must have floated back our direction, because as I heard Widget explain what had just happened to Bear, I had to wipe something from my eye.  Such little bits of children they are, to deal with such big topics, but so strong.

My sadness disappeared quickly as I heard Widget explain, “We wished for many more years together, Bear. Maybe even a whole lifetime!”

The sun was shining as he pedaled away, and the birds sang happily above.


30 Responses to Wishes

  1. marty says:

    Many many more years. I will find a dandelion this afternoon and make my wish too.

  2. I hope you all get your wish.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Praying that your wishes come true!

  4. heather says:

    The first one I find this year will send those very same wishes aloft. what sweet, sweet boys you have.

  5. Yes for many more years, but oh how you fill every second…

  6. I’m holding out for the whole lifetime.

  7. FishyGirl says:

    A lifetime works for me.

    • Yep. Although I’ve been explaining death to them lately (when confronted with it in Star Wars, nature flicks, and the like) as “he had finished what he was meant to do.” Which is kind of nice, don’t you think? I would like to not leave things unfinished.

  8. Such sweet, sweet boys you have. They are so lucky to have you.

  9. PGoodness says:

    Such lovely little ones you have. Sending my dandelion wishes your way, too.

  10. Mama Echo says:

    A lifetime isn’t too much to wish for.

  11. Hmm. You must have blown very hard indeed, since I seem to have some dandelion fluff in my eye too.
    Lots of love to you and your wonderful boys.

  12. kksorrell says:

    What a war you are fighting! Having to face cancer (for the fourth time, no less) AND raise little kids seems so scary. I love your experience with your children and the dandelion wishes! You seem to be good at finding all the little joys in life! May your wish come true tenfold!

  13. NYFriend says:

    A lovely story. Many happy dandelion wishes to you and all your boys.

    • Thank you! Have they come to your neighborhood yet, or do you get them later in the year? I love seeing them in the fields but NOTONMYLAWN! I’m funny that way —

  14. Stimey says:

    There is nothing like a four-year-old trying to recover dignity. I have a bunch of dandelions in my front yard. I’ll go make some wishes tomorrow too.

  15. Donna says:

    Now that is a wish worth wishing. Trust me you have made an impact on your boys that will last them a lifetime of wishes. (wishing away here fervently!)

  16. There’s a stand of dandelions in my neighbor’s yard. We will blow them this afternoon together and pray for your intentions.

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