Kitchen Table Conversation

A friend stopped by this afternoon and we talked quietly while the children played.

“I hate it that you hurt,” she said.

“Thanks. It could be worse,” I said.

“I know,” she said.

I lost two colleagues this week, I didn’t say, but I think she heard me anyway.

Rest now, Sarah and Betty. You’ve done your part, and the rest of us will carry on, speaking up, doing the work we love and advocating for the research to defang this beast called cancer. It may take our bodies, but it will not take our memories. You will be remembered.

You will.


7 Responses to Kitchen Table Conversation

  1. Amanda says:

    They will…your passion creates a chorus of echoes.

    We will not forget.


  2. Kelli Walton says:

    I felt the Space shuttle take off this morning at 9am. It rattles our windows. There should be a way that everyone in the world could get that rush especially you being a NASA employee. It use to be a regular occurance with the shuttle. It’s a sad day when it ends. But always remembered. God Bless and I hope your trial works wonders for you.

  3. Jackie says:

    I’m so sorry for your losses.

  4. Elaine says:

    My friend Becky died of breast cancer in May of 1999. Twelve years later, I still think of her regularly. And I’m not the only one. No way will your friends be forgotten. Peace to you.

  5. *m* says:

    Susan, I am so very sorry about your recent losses. Thinking of you daily.

  6. Stimey says:

    Love to you.

  7. JoC says:

    succinct “I hate that you hurt” I may have to quote this. It could be worse AND this cancer and greiving that you are doing isn’t any fun.

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