Ready for Summer!

Susan May 2008, post-surgeryHere at the WhyMommy house, we are totes ready for summer!  We have our flip flops, our summer t’s, and our rashguards all out and ready for action — and this weekend we get our first taste of the lazy hazy days of summer.

What’s a rashguard?  I was asked that twice this week, so I want to show you.  You can see the general look in the picture at the left, one of a very few that we took after my double mastectomy, when I was nervous about going to the beach with the beautiful people.  I had lumps and bumps everywhere after surgery — except in the places you’d expect.  But I wasn’t ready to give up on the beach or the pool forever.  In fact, we were headed to the beach to relax and recuperate!  After some conversation on twitter and the blogs, we came up with this solution — and now, I’d recommend it for anyone who’s tired of feeling overexposed at the pool.

A rashguard is like a t-shirt made of swimsuit material.  You can get them fitted to your body for serious swimming or looser (unisex style) for additional coverage of post-baby tummy or post-mastectomy scars.  I *adore* the rashguard look and the ease of which the kids and I can get ready for the pool – there’s no struggles with vast quantities of sunblock on their pale tummies and backs anymore, or worries about missing a spot, because except for their limbs, neck, and face, they’re covered!  We can be ready in a flash — everybody throws on board shorts (the boys) or bikini bottom (ok, that’s me) and their rashguard t, and we’re off to the pool!

Ah, summer.

This post inspired by Curvy Girl Guide’s Project Real – National Swimsuit Confidence Week!  Real women all over the internet are donning swimsuits and showing the world that it’s ok not to be perfect or to look just like the models in the catalogs.  The project is popping up on blogs all over and has even been covered by Marie Claire!  I’m not part of the campaign — I’m just a fan!  Let’s get back in the pool! 


22 Responses to Ready for Summer!

  1. hi, my friend. I totally adore this campaign, too, and I want to hug the people who started it. Celebrating real women with real bodies in bathing suits that make them comfortable. LOVE it.

    (and want to come visit next week. . . )

  2. Rashsuits are pretty standard beachwear for NZ kids (and I love mine too!). Have a wonderful summer 🙂

  3. Linda Lawrence says:

    Looking good! 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    You sound so genuinely happy! And I love your new haircut.

    Can you answer a question for me? I have a friend who has an almost 5-month old and is having breast changes (nipples hurt and are cut) but ob/gyn doesn’t think it is an infection/thrush. After reading your blog I was concerned about cancer, but both nipples seem to be affected and she had changes to both breasts. Is IBB or Paget’s in one breast rather than two? I am probably being over-worrried for my friend… but think it is strange to suddenly have breast changes and her baby doesn’t seem to have thrush and her ob said “probably not an infection”… Um, what?

    Best to you!

    • Thanks for asking – I wouldn’t worry about cancer if it’s both breasts. All the cases I’ve heard of were only one. That said, why not go get a second opinion to see how she can help them heal?


  5. Kami says:

    I agree I love the rashguard, I think they are sporty and cute. Old Navy has really adorable “boyshorts” (in the swim section) that would look great with a rashguard also! Talk about comfortable 🙂

  6. Kristen says:

    HUGE rashguard fans over here to block the sun. I love them because they actually keep the boys cooler in the hot sun. The boys are so used to them they ask where the “other part” of their swimsuit is if they are only wearing trunks.


  7. NYFriend says:

    I too love rashguards! Love how quick they dry too.

    You’re really making me anxious for summer now! 🙂 We are soooo ready for it! (Mentally that is, I do not have all my gear on the ready yet though! But at least I threw a couple of pails and shovels in the car for impromptu adventures last weekend.)

  8. Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Loving snorkling and often travelling alone, I have difficulties to put on sunscreen on my back, even on the back of my shoulder.

    I knew those shirts were available but didn’t knew there were some of my size (3x).

    Will order mine soon, I’m so exited!

    Thank you so much for sharing, will pass on the link!


  9. Proud of you! I’m glad we could help you “come out”!

  10. planetnomad says:

    Rashguards were originally for surfers. You put wax on your board, you know, and then the board and wax and sand in the wax rubs against your bare chest when you’re paddling out and you end up with a painful rash. Hence the name. But they are super for sun protection and looks and coverups too! I’m glad they are now cheaper and more readily available.
    PS You look lovely! enjoy the pool! I hope we get summer in Oregon soon too!

  11. marty says:

    I like that I can skip shaving my armpits in one of those. Win.

  12. Krista says:

    Rashguards are awesome! My boys will not go swimming outside without them. They make it exactly as you say, you don’t have to worry about missing a spot on that so white skin, and you don’t have to put as much chemical filled sunscreen on their precious bodies. Awesome all the way around!

  13. Karen Odea says:

    In Australia there are more adults and children at the beach wearing rashies than not these days. Best way to make sure sunburn doesn’t ruin your day and you look great in yours

  14. Karen says:

    As Karen says rashies are common in Australia – my kids have worn them at the beach since they were toddlers -my little man has just turned 22 and still wears one with his board shorts

  15. I’m shocked that the entire world doesn’t know about rashguards given how wonderful they are. That’s all my little girls wear. We favor one piece swimsuits that zip up the front and cover the legs to the knees and the arms to the wrist. The material is so cool and thin and there is minimal sunscreen that we have to use. Although they are getting harder to find now that Beezus needs a size 6 ! She’ll have to switch to bikini bottoms and shirts soon.

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