One last bit, and then —

… one last bit about the conference.  Or actually, an link about the conference, called “Space on a Budget Balances Risk and Innovation.”  It gives a nice overview of our panel on the last day.  I don’t have a picture of us on the panel (wish I did), but imagine me in a snazzy suit jacket (yes, the same one I wore the next day to Type A Mom) at a table with my old boss, now a manager at Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory; the head of Aerospace Corp’s NASA business; and the head of the Space Science Review Office at NASA Langley.  We each gave 5-10 minutes about the challenges facing small planetary missions, and then we answered questions from the audience.

I went first.  I was asked to give an overview of the history of the program, and I did, including several observations about challenges that have faced missions and the program itself, and three things I find challenging today.  It went really well — so well, in fact, that the moderator responded by saying that my upcoming book “should be required reading” for people interested in planetary missions!

I’ll take that!

Now all I have to do is finish editing it into something that is as much a joy to read as it has been for me to research and write!

Tomorrow: Type A Mom, Bloganthropy, and a dress made out of stars.


3 Responses to One last bit, and then —

  1. You are my hero. My scientist-mothering-all-round-awesome hero.
    And a dress made of stars? Can’t wait to read all about it! (photos???)

  2. Catherine says:

    Wow, Susan – this is all so great. I have just a moment now, wanted to mention that in today’s WashingtonPost there is an article about Space Camp and the changes they’re making in the programs there. Perhaps they’d be interested in developing programs based on some of your papers? And incorporating some of the info from Women in Planetary Science? I admire your work so much! Congratulations!

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