October 24, 2007

Fox 5 is pulling out all the stops for awareness of inflammatory breast cancer today!  I’ve seen two pieces on IBC already this morning and they are promoting our webchat tonight from 5-6:30!  It looks like I’ll be over on their site answering questions tonight and talking to people about IBC.  I am so excited!

They’ve already aired TWO pieces on IBC and breast cancer in young women already this morning.  The first piece features Elena Whidder, an 8-year survivor of IBC, who is now on weekly chemo after a recurrence and metastasis.  The second piece includes more on her and also features a 21 year old college student, Colleen Capon, who talks about everything from her diagnosis to concerns about future fertility.  I applaud these women for their bravery … and I can’t wait to see what Fox 5 shows next!

My bald head and I are going places

October 2, 2007

My bald head and I are going places.

Last weekend, we went to the outlet mall.  I wore a hat most of the time, but I took it off at a couple of the shops (Hot flashes trump propriety.  Every. Single. Time.).  I was surprised at the reaction.

At first, I got plenty of stares.

Then, I learned to look beyond the stares to see what people were really looking at.  And there was, more often than not, a kindness in their eyes.

They might have stared at first, but then they saw me, really me, who I was, just a mom trying to shop with two little boys, and their eyes softened. 

Today, I didn’t leave the house, but, oddly, part of the world came to me.  FOX News came to visit (Hi, Beth!  Hi, Lance!), and they stayed for a little while.  They took footage of me talking about inflammatory breast cancer, the signs, the symptoms, and why it’s so important to be checked out right away if you notice a change in one of your breasts.  We talked about the hard parts of having cancer, and my day off from cancer last week.  They took footage of my little boys playing with trucks and teddy bears, and they took footage of me blogging.

That’s right, internets, they are filming me typing this very post.

News at 11.

Okay, that last bit was a bit lame.  But how often have YOU liveblogged on camera?  This was the first time for me, and it was quite something!  It was so cool that they were here! The segment(s) will air on Fox later this month.  I’ll let you know more when I do!

Edited to clarify: The visitors today were the local Fox 5 News special projects crew — not the cable guys.  Sorry to be unclear.  I’ll definitely post a link if it goes up on their web site as part of their breast cancer awareness month footage! 

Guess who?

September 27, 2007

Guess who else is Walking with Whymommy?


Little Bear!  8 months old, and he’s already a walking/cruising machine.  He’s been walking (with the support of Whymommy or Whydaddy’s hands) for almost a month now, but he’s independently cruising along Granddad’s train table and his piano/exersaucer now, and it’s wonderful.

Today, he crawled for the first time too.  One knee in front of the other.  He got it.

I couldn’t be prouder.  Yes, all babies walk, and yes, all babies crawl.  But you know what?  All mamas are proud.  Including me.

Other Walkers for Whymommy:  Sob’ah My Soul, Jessica at It’s My Life, Laugh if you Must, and Candy Girl Flies!  Chana, Jessica and Matt and their kids, my cousins, and my mother-in-law are walking with me in the Baltimore walk next month!

And who’s Writing with Whymommy? 

ParentDish!  ParentDish published a great article on IBC over the weekend!  This article didn’t list the majority of the symptoms or indications, but it DID point out that there’s another kind of breast cancer out there, and that an important symptom is a CHANGE in the appearance of the skin of the breast.  Good.  Very good.  And thanks for the link, guys!

Check out the newest members of Team WhyMommy on its new page here, and the first posts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month here.  Thanks and hugs to Eastowners, who gave me the Nice Matters Award last week!  How sweet!

And this.  From Canape.  Words fail me.

Media: Parents Magazine!

September 15, 2007

parentsmagazine  Hey, all!  We made Parents Magazine this month!  Click on over to read an interview that I gave them — and check out the full article in your copy of Parents!