On my soapbox: Women’s History Month at NASA

March 25, 2011

Several people have sent me a photo of NASA’s Women’s History Month Celebration recently, expressing dismay at the images NASA and the White House chose to represent women inspiring the next generation…

… please continue reading today’s post at Women in Planetary Science


The Bloggies!!!

February 3, 2011

The Women in Planetary Science blog is a finalist in THE BLOGGIES!  I’m over the moon about this – what a great opportunity to spread the word that there ARE women in planetary science, and that they do good work, as we show each week in our 51 Women in Planetary Science Series!  I am SO EXCITED for my colleagues and for this incredible opportunity!  If you nominated us, or if you vote for us now, THANK YOU!


August 31, 2010

Either Xeloda isn’t nearly as tough on the system as the IV chemotherapy was, or I’m a whole lot stronger this time around.  I am admittedly tired, but I feel realllllly good.  And strong.  And still up, working, at 10 p.m.

I’m pretty proud of the work too.  Check out what I’ve been doing over at Women in Planetary Science if you’ve got a sec …. we had a great feature on a science blogger who I think is amazingly cool, and we’re continuing to feature interviews with two women a week who are working in the field of planetary science, on missions, as professors, at observatories … it’s always something new!

Strep and inspiration

July 10, 2010

Seriously?  A strep infection?

I don’t have time for this.

See what I’ve been up to lately over at the Women in Planetary Science blog:  interviews with women who search for planets around other stars, who are studying Mercury — close up, and who actually made the material that collected pieces of the sun’s wind a couple years ago.  Almost as interesting?  They did all this while being mothers, wives, and, in one case, a daughter caring for an elderly parent.  Through this research, I am learning that scientists aren’t always holed up in the laboratory — they have to deal with work-life balance just like all of us.  On days like today, I find that not only fascinating, but reassuring.  Check out the interviews and offer them words of support if you’re so moved, over at Women in Planetary Science.