Giveaway: Blue Man Group

March 19, 2011

Blue Man GroupHave you heard?  Blue Man Group is coming to the Warner Theatre in D.C.! 

Five years ago now, when my oldest child reached toddlerhood, I bought him length after length of PVC pipe* and connectors and let him bang away to his heart’s conent.  We connected them together to make all kinds of shapes out in the yard, rolled marbles through them, and draped fabric over them to make a tent.  He giggled uncontrollably, and so did I. 

We had a fabulous time.  When my friend Marty heard about our fun, she kidded that Widget would grow up to join the Blue Man Group one day — not exactly my vision as I was standing in Ace Hardware buying random hinges, connectors, dowels, and pipe for him to play with.  But once I clicked on their site on the web, I was blown away.  Awesome.

It’s five years later, and I’ve still never been to a show.  Have you? 

Would you like to go?  I’ll pick a random winner from the comments here on Monday at noon EDT, so leave me a comment if you’re interested and available Wednesday night, March 23, for a show at the Warner theater in D.C.  Blue Man will be playing here until Saturday, April 2, and you can get $5 off with the discount code BLISSFUL on shows Wednesday, March 23rd, Thursday, March 24th, and Sunday, March 27th.  Call 800-551-7328 for tickets. 

* I’ve since become aware that PVC pipe is not a good plaything for toddlers because of all the chemicals.  But Boomwhackers are an awesome substitute — and they make REAL MUSIC!  Thanks, Marty for the tip and that long-ago gift — ours have been well-loved!

** Ticket giveaway provided by Blue Man Group.  I have not been compensated for this post in any way; it just sounded like fun.  For additional chances to win, enter the contests at Tech Savvy Mama, I’m Not the Nanny, and Suzie Reviews. 


GIVEAWAY: Type A Mom Conference Pass

September 16, 2010

Chemo kicked me back to reality yesterday. I’ve been handling it REALLY WELL all through the first cycle (three weeks), but starting the pills again in this second cycle just knocked me on my ass. I’m tired, I’m nauseated, the soles of my feet hurt, and it aches in my bones.

I will be okay, I’m sure, but I’m cutting out everything besides my NASA work (which is fantastic for keeping my mind off the cancer and helping me feel useful) and taking care of my family.

Puppy included; she’s going back to the kennel as soon as I can drive her there.

BLOGGERS — I’m cancelling my attendance at Type A Mom next weekend. Want my pass? I’m GIVING it away to one lucky blogger — just tell me in the comments below if you want to go to Type A Mom Conference (in Asheville, next Saturday and Sunday), and I’ll pick a lucky winner at MIDNIGHT tomorrow (so you have time to make travel plans). Tons of bloggers on the East Coast are driving, and some may be willing to share a room, so if you’d like to go too, just tell me you’d like to go, and what you hope to learn. Good luck!