News from Clusterfook

February 27, 2009

A year ago, I introduced some of you to my blogfriend Lisa, from Clusterfook.  We’ve never met in person, but we’ve been writing together for months over at the Mothers With Cancer site.  She has always been upfront and honest, hardworking and persistent, and dedicated to preparing her children for life, both with good memories of this time and lessons that they will take with them forever.  Her time is near, now, and she has posted her last tweet, email, and full blog post.  A friend is updating her blog this week at least and will keep the site up as an archive of her.  Of her life.  But today, I want to send this message out into the ether, where maybe she can feel it reverberate, just a bit, since she is mostly overwhelmed by the pain and drugs at the last, waiting, for the last minute of her life.

Lisa, we love you.  Go in peace.

Edited to add: Lisa’s gone.