GIVEAWAY: Type A Mom Conference Pass

September 16, 2010

Chemo kicked me back to reality yesterday. I’ve been handling it REALLY WELL all through the first cycle (three weeks), but starting the pills again in this second cycle just knocked me on my ass. I’m tired, I’m nauseated, the soles of my feet hurt, and it aches in my bones.

I will be okay, I’m sure, but I’m cutting out everything besides my NASA work (which is fantastic for keeping my mind off the cancer and helping me feel useful) and taking care of my family.

Puppy included; she’s going back to the kennel as soon as I can drive her there.

BLOGGERS — I’m cancelling my attendance at Type A Mom next weekend. Want my pass? I’m GIVING it away to one lucky blogger — just tell me in the comments below if you want to go to Type A Mom Conference (in Asheville, next Saturday and Sunday), and I’ll pick a lucky winner at MIDNIGHT tomorrow (so you have time to make travel plans). Tons of bloggers on the East Coast are driving, and some may be willing to share a room, so if you’d like to go too, just tell me you’d like to go, and what you hope to learn. Good luck!