So much of my mothering life has been centered on helping children learn and understand.

Here are some recommended resources for space science sites for kids and the adults who help them learn.  I’ve also included links to resources, offers of help, sites, and books that may be helpful for both children and parents affected by cancer in the family.  The last is a site that I recommend wholeheartedly for supporting parents who are helping their children learn about the world, in all its facets.

Space Science Sites and Apps for kids:

Space Science Sites and Apps for adults:

Explaining Cancer to Children:

  • Mothers With is a site written by and for parents fighting cancer and raising young children.  All posts have been indexed by timeline, diagnosis, treatment, side effects, and emotional impact on the woman writing, linked here for easy searching.  The other contact for this page is Stella, also blogging at I Can’t Complain Any More than Usual;
  • Many organizations now exist to help women with cancer, from the very large organizations to smaller organizations offering help with household cleaning, child care, rides to chemo or radiation therapy, air travel to distant treatment centers, understanding and getting assistance with medical bills, finding a yoga practice for recovery, and scarves or soft crocheted hats created with loving hands. I’ve tried to list many of them here; and
  • Books for kids and their parents to read together are tough to find but even tougher to search for, as a parent with cancer thinking about how to tell their children — or how to tell their children more.  I’ve assembled a list at Mothers With Cancer’s “for kids” tab.

Overall favorite educational site:

Teach Mama and the We Teach Groups, forums, newsletter, and printables are my favorite sites for everyday learning, run by the incredibly talented Amy Mascott with active participation by thousands of parents and teachers “shar[ing] the tools and resources… so that we can all learn, share, and grow as parents — and teachers — for our children.”  Rock on, Amy, and my best to all of you taking steps to add a little learning — reading, math, science, and curiosity — to a child’s day.


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  1. […] to a 4- and 6-year-old boy who fought inflammatory breast cancer in her spare time. She compiled a list of science-related links, for kids and adults, on her blog full of science, parenting, and “the joy of life after […]

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