Women & Science

Women in Planetary Science are doing amazing work essential to expanding our understanding of planets from Mercury to Neptune, and with icy bodies and extrasolar planets beyond.  At the 2010 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, attendees at the women’s networking breakfast set a goal of conducting original interviews with 51 women in planetary science, and posting excerpts at the Women in Planetary Science blog for all to see.  I’ve conducted over 40 of these interviews, and I invite you to browse the articles below.  Each was written as a way to provide e-mentoring for aspiring scientists, and to highlight the great work that each has accomplished in her career.

51 Women in Planetary Science (Original Interviews, 2010-11)

Check back each week for another interview! 

More Women in Planetary Science (External Links)

We also celebrate our engineering colleagues Donna Shirley, project manager on Mars Pathfinder and Mary Chiu from CONTOUR Project Manager.  Know of more profiles of outstanding planetary science women? Leave a comment at Women in Planetary Science or email the site and we’ll be happy to link them here!


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