Virginia Tech tragedy

What a horrible, horrible tragedy today.  32 students killed, 26 more injured, and surely a great many more affected by this horrible shooting.  Please keep them all in your prayers, if you pray, and your thoughts, if you don’t. 

This kind of thing makes me feel so helpless….  After Columbine, I worried about my mother and her schoolteacher friends constantly.  After 9-11, I worried about my colleagues in D.C. and my family. 

This time, I’m determined to take one small step to deal with this in a way other than just watching the TV coverage and sighing about it to my friends.  I took a few minutes to find a VT connection and sent her an email of support.  I chose the president of the collegiate chapter of my sorority and asked her to share it with the chapter, but I’m sure that other chapter presidents, team captains, etc. would appreciate it as well….


2 Responses to Virginia Tech tragedy

  1. That is really a wonderful idea. I never would have thought of it. I will have to think about my university connections and try and do something too. Thanks so much!

  2. bon says:

    it is indeed a very sad thing…and i don’t pray much, but i do pray tonight for all those families.

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